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2023 Jewellery Trends To Watch Out For

Posted by Emily Lawrence | BSPOQ on 17th Jan 2023

2023 Jewellery Trends To Watch Out For

Jewellery can completely transform an outfit, and as style is a very personal thing, choosing the right piece can elevate your ensemble and make it feel more like you. We all like to stay on top of trends, and eye-catching accessories make all the difference. While other items tend to drop out of favour quickly, on-trend jewellery is much longer lasting.

So, if you like to stay on top of your style game, our guide to the jewellery trends for 2023 is one to follow. From the type of metal everyone is wearing to the pieces stealing the show at the spring/summer 2023 runway, we're helping you stay ahead of the curve.

Go Large With Freshwater Pearls

Swarovski Pearls Thomas Sabo Pearls

Pearls have been having their moment in the spotlight for a while, thanks to how sustainable and effortlessly elegant they are compared to other stones. In the past, pearls have been seen as a little on the stuffy side, but thanks to modern styling, they've bounced back as a must-have accessory.

The reign of pearls is set to continue in 2023, but with a maximalist twist. While these gems are usually a delicate touch, designers like Givenchy have included statement pieces known as "jumbo pearls" to put an edgy twist on the pearlcore aesthetic. To try out this look, keep "the bigger the better" in mind, and opt for showstopping larger pieces over more miniature alternatives. You can also choose jewellery with edgy embellishments.

Chunky Cuff Bracelets

After the pandemic, many trends are leaning toward a bolder and more maximalist look, with chunkier pieces becoming more and more popular. Cuff bracelets were all over the runway, and brands like Prada and Givenchy are leading the charge for chunky cuffs this year.

A fabulous way to tie any look together, cuff bracelets have been a staple since Ancient Egypt. An undeniable standout, these bracelets add a bold splash of glamour to any outfit and can be worn every day or for special occasions only.

Les Georgettes are known for comfortable and chic cuffs that are creative, bold, and truly unmissable. Givenchy showcased a cuff bracelet worn on each wrist, which gives a flawless put-together impression, but even one wrist makes an impression.

Chunky Chokers

Chunky Choker

Chunky chain necklaces are always on-trend; this year, the wardrobe staple is set to take an edgy turn. Layered necklaces have dominated fashion since the summer of 2022, and the maximalist style of 2023 is encouraging a 'more is more' approach. Chunky chokers are a must and can be worn solo or as part of a layered look.

When wearing a statement necklace, there are plenty of options for styling. If you love to make a splash, go all out with other accessories to really turn heads. You can also wear a chunky choker on its own or with more subtle pieces for an everyday look.

A Fresh Take On Florals

While florals have always appeared in popular fashion around springtime, this year is set to have flowery accents jump from clothing to jewellery. The perfect way to add some sparkle to your collection, floral-inspired jewellery is a must-have for the spring and summer months.

With designers including Carolina Herrera incorporating flowers into fabric corsages and other accessories, flowers have been appearing more often. To try out the trend, opt for pendants with floral accents to welcome some fresh flair.

The Brighter The Better

Sif Jakobs Earrings

The bright and the bold are set to define the trends we'll see in 2023, and Vogue predicts that youthful bursts of colour will continue to rise in popularity. Vivid colours are a wonderful way to breathe new life into your wardrobe and give your ensemble an up-to-date feel.

Bright stones are a simple way to introduce some colour to your collection, and this trend is all about unexpected combinations and bold hues. Whether you opt for multi-coloured pieces or coloured stones such as turquoise, this trend is about embracing all things vibrant.

Show-Stopping Silver

Silver Jewellery

While gold and rose gold have had their moments in the past few years, sterling silver is set to be the metal everyone is going for in 2023. Gold has been a mainstay, and while it is still predicted to dominate spring and summer, silver is pulling ahead for winter and autumn.

In particular, chunky silver pieces like chains and bracelets are popular pieces. A chunky silver bracelet is a great way to try out this trend and goes with any outfit.

Statement-Making Drop Earrings

Swarovski Butterfly Earrings

Signature pieces are taking over the world of accessories, and as with many other pieces, earrings are all about making an impact. Designers like Chanel have accessorised with dramatic drop earrings that go all the way to the shoulders. These pieces are fantastic for an evening out and are an upgrade from simple hoop earrings.

While fashion week went for dramatic pieces, getting the look is simple. Opt for drop-dangle earrings, and if you want to create an eye-catching look, opt for a pair with extra design elements, like these butterfly earrings by Swarovski.